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The InterLand Company was established in June 2004 after accession of Poland to the European Union. InterLand provides a wide variety of professional services to companies and individuals such as: registration of new business entities, accounting and legal services as well as personnel recruitment and training.

Registration and Corporate Services

InterLand provides full support in the process of forming a company officially in Poland and afterwards comprehensive accounting, human resources and legal services. As an employment agency we specialise in recruiting employees for short- and long-term contracts both in Poland and abroad. The Agency conducts its recruitment activities under Licence no. 1417 issued by the Polish Ministry of Economy.

If you are looking for a job, you can find up-to-date job offers and sample CVs on our website.

As a training establishment InterLand conducts training courses, lectures and conferences dedicated to improve employees’ professional competence. We run German language courses for professional purposes that enable participants to communicate in German at their work. We are entered into the Register of Training Establishments under the number 2.22/00127/2009.

You are welcome to enjoy our services!